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Predefinito Dati elettromiografici (cfr. Bompa-Cornacchia) - 10-06-2007, 12:48 AM

Dati elettromiografici (cfr. Bompa-Cornacchia)

Electromyographical (EMG) Research is an essential research tool allowing physiologists to determine the role of muscles during specific movements. I’ve been reading up on this of late and have really found some startling information as well as confirmation of some traditional schools of thought. I’d figure you all would be interested in this stuff and I'll TRY not to go "F1" or "MS" on ya all So what is EMG, well, electromyography is a scientific method of measuring the level of excitation. Which are electrical charges that travel across the membrane of muscle fibers. It is this movement of ion flow that can be measured on the skin by a surface electromyogram (SEMG). An SEMG reading is representative of the entire electrical activity of the motor units and the frequency of their firing rates for each muscle being examined.
Groovy, but what do this do for my Quads????!!!!!

Well, the purpose of this study was to find which SPECIFIC exercises cause the greatest amount of stimulation within each muscle group and, as a consequence, to determine which exercises will produce the greatest gains in mass and strength.

Specifics of the Method:

Both male and female bodybuilders and strength trainers who were free of neuromuscular disease, had at least two years of Bbing experience, AND were free of performance enhancing drugs for at least two years were used as test subjects.

Testing was performed on two separate days. EMG data was measured during all exercises. EMG data was rectified and integrated (IEMG) for one second. Data was taken of a one rep max (1RM) performed 3 times with a five min rest interval. Next, the data was taken of five 80% 1RM with a three min rest interval. Each subject underwent a warm-up of 10 reps of 50% 1RM, 5 reps at 80% 1RM and 2 reps at 90% 1RM with a five min rest interval.

Data was analyzed using two one-way repeated measures analysis of variance to determine which exercise yields the greatest percent IEMG max for each muscle. Differences among exercises were determined with the Newman post hoc test.

And the results are (%100 IEMG would be the max fiber stimulation):

Pectoralis major:

Decline dumbbell bench press ----------------93%
Decline bench press, Olympic bar(OB)---------89
Push-ups between benches --------------------88
Flat dumbbell bench press -------------------87
Flat bench press (OB) -----------------------85
Flat dumbbell flys --------------------------84

Pectoralis minor:

Incline dumbbell bench press ----------------91%
Incline bench press (OB) --------------------85
Incline dumbbell flys -----------------------83
Incline bench press (smith machine) ---------81

And moving right along....

Medial deltoids

Incline dumbbell (db) side laterals ----- 66%
Standing db side laterals -------63
Seated db side laterals -----62
Cable side laterals -----47

Posterior deltoids

Standing db bent laterals ----- 85%
Seated db bent laterals -----83
Standing cable bent laterals -----77

Anterior deltoids

Seated front db press -----79%
Standing front db raises -----73
seated front barbell press -----61

Biceps brachii (long head):

Preacher curls (Ob) -------------------- 90%
Incline seated Db curls (alternate) ------ 88
Standing biceps curls (Ob/narrow grip)--- 86
Standing Db curls (alternate) ----------- 84
Concentration Db curls ------------------ 80
Standing curls (Ob/wide grip)------------ 63
Standing E-Z curls (wide grip) ----------- 61

Triceps brachii (outer head):
Decline extensions (Ob) ------------------ 92%
Triceps pressdowns (angled bar) ----------- 90
Dips with a bench --------------------------87
One-arm calbel extensiions (reverse grip) - 85
Overhead rope extensions ------------------ 85
Seated one-arm Db extensions (neutral grip)- 82
Close-grip bench press (Ob) --------------- 72

LAtissimus dorsi:
Bent-over Bb rows ---------------------------93%
One-arm Db rows -----------------------------91
T-bar rows ----------------------------------89
Lat pulldowns to the front ------------------86
Seated pulley rows --------------------------83

Rectus femoris (quads):
Safety squats
(90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----88%
seated leg extensions (toes straight) -------86
Hack squats
(90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----78
Leg press (110 degree angle) ----------------76
Smith machine
(90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----60

Bicepts femoris (hams):
Standing leg curls --------------------------82%
Lying leg curls -----------------------------71
Seated leg curls ----------------------------58
Modified hamstring deads --------------------56

Semitendinosus (it's sort of the inner ham)

Seated leg curls ----------------------------88
Standing leg curls --------------------------79
Lying leg curls -----------------------------70
Modified hamstring deads --------------------63

Gastrocnemius (calf muscle)

Donkey raises -------------------------------80
Standing one-leg raises ---------------------79
Standing two-leg raises ---------------------68
Seated raises -------------------------------61

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